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Is Your Log Data Presentation Worthy? This article originally posted on the Logentries Blog. You're in a quarterly meeting where everyone is armed with slide decks; some good, some mind numbingly bad. It's your turn, and you have a concise five-slide deck comprised of targeted, well designed, and insightful graphs. The graphs are clear and the room is able to discuss the highs and lows reported in the data. While you leave the meeting satisfied that you communicated clearly... The complex data you turned into consumable information was no trivial task Regardless if it took a few hours or a few days to prepare the slides - it took significant effort. Taking large volumes of information (sometimes abstract information), and creating something easily digestible can be challenging; both mentally as well as on resources. The information has to first, be collected, then c... (more)

How Log Data Could Help Win Your Fantasy Football League

Log data is a powerful resource being overlooked by businesses. The value that may be hidden in the data is so large, it is borderline reckless not to manage your log data. The main reason this is occurring, is because the beneficiaries of this information are often the end business users, who couldn't tell you the difference between a log and a blog. So there is no urgency to invest in a solution. This is where I step in, if you are in DevOps, software engineering, system administration, etc and want your company to invest in a log management solution; this is the article to sh... (more)

JSON Formatting of IIS By @TrevParsons | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

How to Implement JSON Formatting of IIS for Analytics and Troubleshooting Previously, we wrote about setting up a Windows environment to log JSON formatted logs using our Windows Agent or our DataHub.  Now we'll tackle IIS. IIS, like Windows, has a unique log format that makes it difficult to read, parse, and garner useful information.  The log is a flat file that has a line-per-web hit; similar to Apache or Nginx. But, it's not as easy to format into JSON as Apache and Nginix. Using the tricks we learned formatting Windows Event Logs as JSON we can use the same tools to get IIS... (more)

Our Favorite Continuous Delivery Tools By @TrevParsons | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

We're working hard in the Logentries towers to integrate our continuous delivery tools, so we can identify and track issues as easily as possible. This saves us time that we can spend on important things like adding new features (or playing pool!). We use a lot of tools to manage our development cycle, and we've made them interact too. We use JIRA (by Atlassian) to plan our work, Gitlab to manage our code, and Jenkins for our continuous integration. Does Mr Jenkins Approve? Merge requests (a.k.a. a pull request in github) aren't accepted in Logentries until Mr Jenkins is happy wi... (more)

How to Adopt DevOps By @TrevParsons | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

How to Adopt DevOps in Your Organization It does not take much to understand the benefits of the DevOps culture, processes, and tools. However, implementing DevOps in your organization is not as obvious and usually involves more than simply setting up tools.  You have to convince team members, map old processes to new, and maybe even change the structure of organizational reporting and budgeting. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for implementing DevOps in an organization, but there are some strategies to help. One proven strategy to adopt DevOps is to leverage log analysis... (more)